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Skip the queues! Prescribed medications with MC and receipt delivered to your doorstep.

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Rxemedium will:

  • Deliver prescribed medications with medical certificate (MC) and receipt to your doorstep
  • Provide same-day delivery, for orders placed before 12 noon
  • Provide doctor’s oversight for seven (7) days


We currently provide prescription medications and oversight for the following

Sore Throat
Stuffy / Runny Nose
Fever / Bodyaches
Menstrual Cramp
Neck / Back / Shoulder Pain
UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)
Dizziness / Vertigo
Red / Sore Eye
Oral Contraceptive
Erectile Dysfunction
Delay Menstruation

More services coming soon

How It Works

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Create an account and complete a simple verification process with your NRIC, email and mobile number.

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Answer the pre-order questions and make payment via "PayNow" or Bank Transfer. You will receive an order confirmation from us via email.

Receive Medication

Receive your package containing the prescribed medications, medical certificate and receipt, delivered right to your doorstep.

Doctor Oversight

Contact our doctor within seven (7) days using our secure messaging system if you have any questions relating to your case symptoms and prescribed medications ordered.

If it is your first time ordering, doctor will give you a short WhatsApp video call. Check out why in the faq.


Our price is $28 for orders with one medication and $2 for each additional medication. Typically, depending on your symptoms, an order would contain one, two or three medication and cost $28, $30 or $32 respectively. These prices are all-inclusive and contain with no hidden charges, i.e. no extra charges for doorstep delivery, doctor's oversight, GST, etc.

Despite our best efforts to fit as many medications as we can within this affordable and simple pricing, some medications are much more costly and when you do require or opt for such medications we will clearly display the additional charges for those medication to you.


Yes. We are a registered clinic recognized by the Singapore Ministry of Health. View our medical clinic licence here.
Yes. As a registered clinic, we can provide you with a medical certificate and an official receipt.
For a small number of prescription medications, we can be reasonably certain that it is safe for you to consume without verifying your previously prescribed medication labels. For all other prescription medications, we need to ensure that the medications has been prescribed to you previously by a registered doctor and have you have taken it without observing any adverse reactions.
When a medication label is uploaded, we will verify and match it to our medications in stock. You may receive a different brand as compared to the one you uploaded, however it will always be an identical medication in terms of composition and active ingredients that has been approved for sale by the Health Science Authority of Singapore.
We only keep in stock a selected range of medications and brands. Uploading your past medication labels will help us to increase the variety based on your needs.
  • NRIC information to verify your identity and medication labels
  • Address for delivery of your order
  • Email and mobile number to contact you for delivery and in case of emergencies
For now, we only accept payment by "PayNow" to our UEN number (201219425N) or Bank Transfer to our OCBC Current Account (713139657001). After we have received your payment, we will verify and process your order.
If your order is placed before 12 noon, we will schedule it to be delivered between 2 - 6 pm on the same day. As we are just starting out, this window helps us to reduce delivery costs so that we can provide you with the best pricing.
We have a secured messaging system which allows you to contact your oversight doctor for up to seven (7) days after receiving your medications. Your oversight doctor will reply within 24 hours.

The Doctor for your order will be calling you via WhatsApp video call and normally be done on the day of delivery itself, it will be stated clearly during your order.

This is a regulation from Singapore Ministry of Health.

The doctor will take this chance to introduce himself and Rxemedium services such as what is an oversight. Do take this chance to ask the doctor if you have any questions.

Contact Us

You may email us at or message us on our Facebook page. If you are holding on to a MC issued by Rxemedium@Balestier Medical Centre and would like to verify its authenticity, please use our Medical Certificate Verification page.


We are a registered medical clinic in Singapore that aims to provide safe and affordable healthcare.